How to Choose a Moving Company

Moving can completely overturn your life for a period of time.  You are transporting your possessions, carefully chosen household items, and memories from a comfortable location to a new beginning.  Finding a moving company that is efficient, organized and trustworthy will make the process much easier.  Knowing how to choose a moving company is therefore essential to your peace of mind during a move.


Do you know anyone who has moved in the past?  Ask around!  Referrals are a great way to find a reliable moving company, or at least to get some names to check into.  If they've moved people before and the experience was positive, you can start in that direction.  In addition to friends and family, you may consider contacting a local real estate agent or Moving Company for packing services.  They've probably either heard of or used a local company in a professional capacity before, and will want to recommend someone reliable.


Once you have a few leads, you can check into their credentials.  Browse online reviews, check the Better Business Bureau, and get the legal business information from your local county office, or by calling the moving company.


Now, it's time to get an estimate.  You will want the company to provide an in-home estimate.  Be wary if a moving company tries to give you a definite estimate over the phone.  Although companies may be happy to estimate the cost of your move based on provided information, an in-home estimate is the way to get an accurate number.  Make sure that when you are receiving your estimate, you are very specific about which items you would like professionally moved, what services you are expecting, and any special instructions.  This will ensure that you are happy with the service provided as long as your requests are fulfilled.


Once you've reviewed your estimates and chosen your trusted mover, you are ready to get started!  Many moving companies offer a variety of additional services to make your move as seamless as possible, so make sure you find out all the different ways to utilize your chosen moving company.



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